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September call-ups


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With September 1st fast approaching, what players do you want to see come up? The Marlins roster stands at 40, so moves will have to be made to get players like Brian Flynn or someone else not on the 40 man on the roster. Also will need to consider if that Jacksonville maybe in the Southern League playoffs. Of the players already on the roster I would like to see Kyle Jensen promoted to see if he merits a spot. Also I see no need to keep players like Jordan Brown or Gil Velazquez on the roster, those would be my most likely to be moved to make room for players more deserving.

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He has a 4.65 K/9 in 31 AAA innings and 4.90 K/9 in 75.1 innings in AA this season. That goes with a 3.48 BB/9 (AAA) and 2.75 BB/9 (AAA).


If he maintained that sub 5 K/9 in the MLB, he'd be bottom 10 in all of MLB for 70 innings. For qualified pitchers, it would be bottom 5. Not good.


That's why Polly says it is appalling.

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Is there any reliable catcher with solid offense?


Mathis will be fine as a backup.

This season in Brantly suffered sophomore jinx.

Skipworth's career will be over after the season.


We basically have zero catchers in our system that are worth more than nothing unless Brantly can figure things out... I still have a little hope there.


Althought I believe it's Austin Barnes that could be promising in a year or two if he isn't terrible defensively.

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i think if brantly can work out his kinks he will be solid.


glad to see dietrich doing well.


read something from frisaro a while back about solano and dietrich manning second and third next year.



That's assuming Coghs doesn't take off at 3B, which I hope he does so Dietrich can grab 2B and Solano can sit on the bench.

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