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CF to start next season


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With the OF corners set for the near future (Stanton & Yelich, barring any trades of course) based on what we've seen so far how would you prefer they handle CF going into 2014?


Ozuna and Marisnick can both handle it defensively but they were both brought up before they should've been. The last few months in AA would've been nice for Marcel but with his injury that was a waste. Ruggiano I imagine will still stick around so he's always an option if they want to be patient with the other guys (patience? what?). Marisnick has really struggled at the plate, I don't know if the at-bats up are helping or hurting more.


What's the feeling on the 2 young guys? Just keep them up here & let 'em take their hacks? Back to AA? Half season of AAA?


Guess same question goes for Dietrich at 2b.


It just infuriates me that as miserable as this season has been, it was somehow made even worse by calling all these players up before they should've been.

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I don't want to see Ozuna and Marisnick up here at all next season. They need to spend the entire season in Double A, IMO. Especially Ozuna.


A platoon with Ruggiano would be ideal. There are options available and it should be cheap.



So who would you say we should sign / call up to platoon with Ruggiano? Coghlan will most likely play third base next season, so he's not an option.

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I don't know if anyone in the organization is an option.


I think David Dejesus could be an option. He can handle CF and his career #s vs RHP are nice. Not sure what his price tag is, though. You can always look at the trade market, too.



DeJesus would probably come cheap, not like he's put up any all-star caliber numbers, ever.

Not a bad idea.

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