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9/11 Post Game


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Red said something like we're 30 something games below .500 and they're heading to the playoffs. So we shouldn't be showing up anyone. Etc..



He's a pitcher. He's 21. He didn't mean to show up s***. He was shocked he hit it and super excited. Justin Upton does the same s*** except every time.


edit: fuck the braves and fuck chris johnson

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Fredi full of s*** and making no sense.


He's saying about Jose that "if you want to be playful on the mound, then don't be upset when we do it back to you"


Well s*** Fredi, Jose wasn't the one who went apeshit out there buddy, talk to your boy Johnson who was the one who lost it and was the one who got "upset at the playfulness"

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Redmond sapping the fire from the kid by making it all as if the kid was all in the wrong. That's some bulls***. Braves did their share of stupid crap tonight, and not only did they not apologize but make excuses, they don't have the excuse of being 21 year old rookies.


I understand if you talk to him privately and call him off, but then you better come out and stand up for him in public and call out the bulls*** done by the other side.


That is some lack of balls and personality by Redmond.

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