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Braves / Brewers Fight Over "Watching" Home Run


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He was also talking s*** the whole time.

Apparently, he has beef with Maholm cause Maholm hit him a few times in the past, but whatever.



I mean, he started talking shit after Freddy Freeman was jawing at him to "run".


The Braves need to look in the mirror. If they have such an issue with this, why don't they have a chat with Justin Upton?

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Carlos Gomez hit a HR off Maholm back in 2010 and the next at-bat between the two Maholm hit Gomez in the back area on purpose. Next time they faced each other Gomez doubled. Then the next at-bat between them Maholm hit Gomez in the knee (he was limping and hurt for 2-3 weeks off and on) this season because of it when the score was 4-0 in the 1st. It looked intentional as heck as well.


Those two have had history between them, and a lot of it. Overall, Gomez is 9-18, 2 HR off Maholm with 3 HBP.

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I would be in favor of drilling anyone who shows up a pitcher, but I'm old school about things like that. The DH allows more of this crap in the AL for sure. The same also goes for a pitcher showing up a batter, most of this crap is because of ESPN and other 24 hr sports network showing this stuff, that younger folks try to emulate these other idiots

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