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Samson quotes from 10/24

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I don't think that there's anything to suggest that he needed another year in the minors. He's already 24 and has 700 PA in AA and 550 PA in AAA. How much more time does a player need in the minors than that? He was clearly ready for the major leagues--at least as ready for the major leagues as his talents would enable him to be. Unfortunately for Hechavarria, he's just not very good.


He is who he is for the most part. His bat and glove might improve a bit after he spends more time in the majors, but to suggest that he needed more time in the minors is pretty idiotic. He was probably one of the least rushed position players on the roster last season.


Somehow I suspect that you would not be cutting this much slack to a player that you don't personally like--someone who satisfies your speed/defense/smallball mindset.

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Since Bob, like Frisaro, probably hates advanced metrics, here's some "regular" stats for how bad Adeiny was this year:


Among qualified starters AH ranked:


7th worst in AVG

3rd worst in OBP

1st worst in SLG

He was caught stealing just under 50% of the time.


Any further questions?


The further away we get from the season the more glaring the numbers become. The eyes seem to be really deceiving when it comes to Adeiny... He just doesn't look that bad. But numbers don't lie often.



With a few exceptions, I give someone's first year in the majors some slack. Especially those that were so highly advertised and more or less thrust into the situation because of a lack of any real depth at that position. Call it a learning curve if you want. Gotta also remember he had that 3 week (or so) span where he was absolutely atrocious with the bat and glove. Now that I would call the worst in the majors.


No doubt he could have used another season in the minors. But going into this year we knew this was a "throw away" season. Guess they just figured it couldn't hurt to throw him in there and let him get acclimated that way. Can't say I agree with that thinking, but we aren't in charge. He's not going anywhere, anytime soon. I think as a fan base we should be hoping he learned from the experience and starts to show the potential he was advertised as having instead of throwing tantrums because he is on the team. 2014 should be the season he either puts up or takes a back seat.





No one is throwing a tantrum. I stated he was one of the top 3 worst hitters in mlb last year. You said I was wrong or making it up or what have you.


Per statistics, I am absolutely correct. If one uses more advanced metrics he actually turns out to be the single worst player in mlb last year. These are inarguable facts.


The amount of improvement Adeiny has to undergo to become a useful mlb player is astronomical and while I hope he could pull a 180 on his career, I find it extremely unlikely. Hopefully next year he performs at least at a better than average or below average defense at SS which is all he could muster in 2013

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Per statistics, I am absolutely correct. If one uses more advanced metrics he actually turns out to be the single worst player STARTER in mlb last year. These are inarguable facts.



I'm certain there are plenty of players in MLB that are much worse than Adeiny who simply didn't qualify. He is arguably the worst starter in MLB, yes, but not the worst player.


And as Bob suggested, his starting position isn't likely to be challenged next year. Maybe we should look at the situation optimistically instead of crying about it constantly. After all, Adeiny does have some talent...

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Which would mean we could sign someone because going in right now - the payroll will be less than it was at the start of 2013. No Nolasco, less money owed for pieces that are gone even if we factor in new arby players such as Stanton.


Anyway, I've heard about a number around $40-50 mil for payroll in 2014. Right now our commitments (according to Cot's contracts site and the Turner news) without factoring arby total $6.5 mil and that includes the $4 mil owed to Bell.

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We're going to have to overpay for any FAs after what happened last year, so you have to take that into consideration. I also have to imagine, based on quotes from players, that other players will probably discourage them from coming down here because of the ownership.



Some people seem to have a selected memory and forget the anger and resentment expressed by Reyes and Buehrle both of which are respected by their peers. If I were an athlete and considering signing with Miami, I know I would reach out to them and ask them some very pointed questions about Loria & the Miami organization and I would ask my agent to do the same with their agents.

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The word is "selective."


As for Reyes and Buehrle, they're just two guys amongst hundreds, one of whom has a thing for banned dogs, the other of whom seems to take his real estate advice from his owner, rather than rational thought.


In any case, money talks, the rest of this BS means nothing. Exactly the same stuff was said about Loria/the Marlins before either of them signed here.

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... is right about one thing, money talks.


If the Marlins offer the most money, 9 of 10 FA will take it. And Loria's lucky he doesn't still own a team in Montreal, because if these FA were signing big dollars to play in a bubble in Canada it might be a different story. However, they're signing big money to play in a beautiful new ballpark in a prime location... Can't write that off as a non-factor. Loria might suck, but the franchise itself has some things going for it.

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The Marlins have put themselves in a position where they have to offer more in the contract than others to get any "prime" FA


There isn't a lot of draw to the Marlins right now - they haven't had success, they don't have the clubhouse, city or ownership draw


The Red Sox are the Red Sox - they had a bad year, shed a bunch of payroll, but have been a consistent playoff team, had pedroia, papi and others that are respected vets and they still spent something like $125M over 7 guys and I think the largest commitment was in the $40M range - no deal longer than 3 years, most 1-2 year deals with the impact this year a little over $50M


Miami wouldn't spend that much and even if they did and were able to land like players to like deals (which they wouldn't be able to) there just isn't enough on this team to have those guys provide that much of a boost .... I don't think it would get them even to a playoff contender, let alone a WS contender


As for Hech - I hate that as fans of the Marlins you pretty much have to resign yourself that a guy who isn't productive is pretty much going to hang out for a while due to a lack of options and more holes on the team to fill while we try to buy into some promise about what he could develop into


I can't buy into the first year as a full starter talk or anything like that either - the diamondbacks also traded for a SS with a funny name - one who is younger with less experience at all levels and while not a world beater by any means he at least showed enough to be thought of as at worst a stop gap and someone that may not be a complete anchor on your team


Even if Hech develops to where he's consistently not one of the worst regulars at his position in baseball and lands where he's in that 15th-20th worst player at his position that's still someone you need to look to upgrade

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