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Samson is on Survivor


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So I am probably the board's biggest Survivor fan. I even made an audition tape last Spring. Still waiting on a callback. But anyway here is what I think about Samson's chances on the show.


This upcoming season is titled 'Brawn vs Beauty vs Brain' which means that there will be three tribes of six people each divided by these characteristics. Samson is on the 'Brains' tribe. Props to him. Anyway, early on tribes normally vote people out based on tribe strength. This is because weaker physical players can slow the tribe down in challenges, in some instances directly leading to losses. They're an obvious liability. This bodes well for Samson because on the 'Brains' tribe, you figure he'd be one of the strongest physically. Dude's been in triathlons. So he'll stick around. Unless he gets in trouble socially. Sound like something that happens to Samson?


But here's the main thing - he won't win Survivor if he's truthful. There is no way that a jury of players during that season will award $1 Million dollars (the grand prize) to a man who openly says "I'm the President of a MLB franchise". That just won't happen. I think Samson knows this and won't reveal his profession. And he's not really a recognizable face so the Jeff Kent/Jimmie Johnson recognition won't happen. My final prediction is that Samson makes it to the merge, which is about halfway through the show, and gets voted out soon after. His physical game will keep him in the game but socially, Samson seems like a guy who won't be in the proper alliance once it gets down towards the end.


So yeah, if you guys actually read all of that and have any Survivor related questions, let me know. I'll do my best to guide this forum through this upcoming Survivor season if anyone gives a damn.

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How often do they have people on the show who are already millionaires?


A decent amount. There have been ex-professional athletes, TV personalities, etc. But most don't reveal who they are/their past. For example, there was a Texan oil company owner named Russell Hantz a few seasons back who is widely considered to be one of the biggest "villains" ever. He claimed to be from New Orleans and displaced from Hurricane Katrina. In reality, he was a millionaire many times over. But the main point is that if you are a millionaire, you are MUCH less likely to get awarded the money. However, the only information castmates have about one another before hitting the island is the initials of the people they're playing with. So its up to "DS" to decide what he wants to tell people.


Don't you actually have to be able to make people like you to do well on this show?


Not as much as you'd think. Often those people go far because the bigger threats are people that everyone DOES in fact like, since they are more likely to win the million dollars. I could see Samson doing well (AKA making the merge) as long as he does well in challenges for his tribe.

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Survivor airs many months before you see it on TV, so I'm assuming Samson did Survivor sometime recently and will be working with the Marlins like normal. Survivor runs only a little over a month (40 days or so), so Samson didn't miss all that much time if he even made it to the Jury segment of the show.


I've watched some seasons of Survivor and have watched bits and pieces of recent seasons, so I know the show. FF is right in that Samson is one of those guys who will at the least make it to the merge because of his physical ability. However, Samson might be one of those guys who tries to scheme too early in the show and digs his own grave.


It would be hilarious if he won the show, but there's so little chance of that happening.

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He's a really nice guy from all my interactions with him, and he was kind enough to help me meet my favorite player growing up. Not many teams will go out of their way to do that, and the Marlins received no publicity from it either.

Even further, he's recognized me a few times even in other clothing and jerseys. I feel like he cares about the fans, and seems genuine in all the interactions I've seen.


I wish him luck.

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Agreed. If you've ever met Samson, he's actually a very nice guy in my opinion. Although I'm kind of full of myself as well, so maybe that's why we get along.

Well I'm not saying it because he's a nice guy. I just want something Marlins-related to win at something sometime.

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