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4/4 Post Game


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Zomg you guys, highest run differential and on top of the NL East. Zomg.


W: T. Koehler (1-0)

L: E. Stults (0-1)

S: B. Hand (1)


2B: A Hechavarria (2, E Stults); J Saltalamacchia (2, E Stults); G Jones (1, D Roach)

HR: G Stanton (2, 1st inning off E Stults 1 on, 1 Out)

RBI: G Stanton 2 (9), C McGehee 2 (10), J Saltalamacchia 2 (3), G Jones (3), M Ozuna (3)


SB: A Hechavarria (1, 2nd base off D Roach/Y Grandal)

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Big Salad gets my vote. 6 innings from your #5 starter puts you in a great position to win.


Stanton is god.


Hech is out of his mind right now.


Enjoy this, because it's not going to get any better than we have it right now.

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Koehler has messy blonde hair. It was shown on the broadcast, and Rich said it looked like a "Big Salad". I think it's a great nickname, and we're spreading it until Rich acknowledges the genius of the nickname he created.

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Ok let's not get nuts over leading stats after 5 games. But yeah 7 runs per game I'm not used to watching. Awesome to watch.


If Stanton has this kind of a season I don't know whether I'm going to be happy or depressed knowing he's probably a goner...


eh I'll ride it out.

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