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Valdespin Called Up, Starting at 2B and Batting 2nd.

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Guest Vince0926

Not an upgrade but I don't hate the move per say. Bour wasn't doing much here so this is pretty much just a lateral move to see if Valdespin can be any better than Lucas and Solano offensively. Whatever.


Very nicely said. Can't do any worse than what we have here... But that begs the question. Why not call up more pitchers to replace hand and turner. Can't do any worse. I question many decisions around here. And I'm sure everyone here is quite indifferent on furcal. Waste. You all were right on that one.

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PLEASE say that you like Solano better. That's an argument even I can probably win.


I think the Astros have better odds of winning the World Series at this point.


OK that might be too harsh. I'll say ... the ... Rays. That seems better.


OK OK fine, the Pirates. Damn.


No, but, Erick could still probably win this.

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Great. Replace garbage with garbage. And still have garbage starting at SS. Garbage everywhere.


Oh, come on, Spike, you're being irrational here.

Garbage could at least play a replacement level shortstop.

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