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2014 Marlins Trade Deadline

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When the Marlins don't make a move at the deadline, don't we usually have a beatwriter by now saying something like "sources say that the Marlins are not expected to make any significant moves before the 4pm deadline"?


There's more secrecy with this regime

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Tampa Bay Times hearing a 3-team deal working on Price.


could we be involved? should we be worried?


I'm telling u, it's Rays and Tigers straight up but the Marlins will call up Brad Penny at the exact same moment just so they can call it a three team trade and act like they were involved with price.

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Good Lord I meant bottom feeder as in a 100 loss team like last year. We're a game under .500, we're not total sellers no matter who the owner is.


It doesn't matter Loria is not in the game to win, but to squeeze as much money as he can out for his art business. People here can argue against that til the cows come home, but until he shows proof otherwise, history is on my side.

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