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Updated BA Top 20 Prospects for Marlins

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MrAndMrsFish    178
1) Andrew Heaney - Currently in AAA
2) Tyler Kolek - Currently in GCL
3) Colin Moran - Currently in A (Jupiter)
4) Anthony DeSclafani - Currently in AAA
5) Justin Nicolino - Currently in AA
6) Avery Romero - Currently in A (Jupiter)
7) Trevor Williams - Currently in A (Jupiter)
8) J.T. Realmuto - Currently in AA
9) Adam Conley - Currently in AAA (Currently on the 7-DAY DL)
10) Jose Urena - Currently in AA
11) Brian Flynn - Currently in AAA
12) Domingo German - Currently in A (Greensboro)
13) Jarlin Garcia - Currently in A (Greensboro)
14) Sam Dyson - Currently in MLB
15) Justin Twine - Currently in GCL
16) Colby Suggs - Currently in A (Jupiter)
17) Austin Dean - Currently in A (Greensboro)
18) Austin Barnes - Currently in AA
19) Austin Brice - Currently in A (Jupiter)
20) Nick Wittgren - Currently in AA


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Wild Card    452
Did Colin Moran get called up to Jax and nobody was told, including him?

Interesting Chad Wallach didn't make it.

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fanofthefish    248
They also updated MLB's Jonathon Mayo's list on either one Conley should be lower and I still can't figure out how Dyson is considered a prospect!

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dim    0
Here's what I'd put the list at most likely

1) Andrew Heaney
2) Colin Moran
3) Tyler Kolek
4) J.T Realmuto
5) Avery Romero
6) Justin Nicolino
7) Anthony Desclafani
8) Adam Conley
9) Trevor Williams
10) Jose Urena
11) Brian Flynn
12) Domingo German
13) Chad Wallach
14) Austin Barnes
15) Mark Canha
16) Austin Dean
17) Justin Twine
18) Austin Brice
19) Brian Anderson
20) Justin Bohn

Guys on the outside looking in but deserve recognition include...
Nick Wittgren
Sean Townsley
Ryan Newell
Felix Munoz
J.T Riddle
Kentrell Dewitt
Scott Lyman

I don't know why Jarlin Garcia is even listed at all. 21 year old in Greensboro getting hammered for a 5+ ERA this year. Colby Suggs is another guy who doesn't deserve recognition given he's been awful since arriving in the minors. Sure, he got a quick call up to Jupiter based on college success but he doesn't seem like somebody who can make a major league roster.

Out of the draft picks we took this past draft the ones I've noticed other than Anderson are Justin Twine, Brian Scales, and Stone Garrett thus far. Might be guys to pay attention to going forward.

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dim    0

Domingo German is a top-5 prospect in the system, imo.

He's got great stuff and potentially a great future, but a 22 year old coming off his first minor league season above Batavia...I just can't rank him above guys who have larger track records in the minor. If he repeats in Jupiter next year what he did in GBoro this year...no doubt in my mind he becomes in the upper echelon of Nicolino through Flynn that I listed above.

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Erick    5,229
Heaney, Kolek, Moran, German; that's my top four.

After that, it's actually just a bunch of guys with unintriguing upside.

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dim    0
I really believe Romero and Wallach could be regulars in the Marlins lineup some time in the future (definitely need to see more than a season in GBoro and some work in Jupiter to make a full opinion, but the upside is definitely there. Wallach's plate discipline is off the charts and Romero's hit tool likewise). Both guys are great hitters. Some point next year I see both these guys becoming the top hitting prospects in the Marlins system, with better upside than a lot of those "good but not great" starting pitchers that are pretty much interchangeable.

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