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Marlins talking Wade Miley from D-Backs


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Since everybody's throwing an opinion out here I'll go on record as saying imo Eovaldi>Miley. Nothing Miley has done in his career is all too impressive and at this rate Eovaldi and Miley have been equals. I'll take Eovaldi for the simple fact that he's 4 years younger than Miley and walks less batters.


I could see why the Marlins would make that trade since Miley has three straight years of basically 200 innings pitched and was a consistent #3 pitcher in 2012/2013. I just feel the stock on Eovaldi has dropped greatly from our own fanbase and many people are willing to trade him for meh players at this point. Don't get me wrong I feel that Miley's a pretty good pitcher, but I'd bank on Eovaldi's upside and him being more the 2013 guy than his 2014 self.


To be fair though it would be a pretty sideways trade. You have just as good a shot of Miley breaking out and becoming a #2 as Eovaldi does really. Hell both of them become free agents at the same time after 2017, so service time really doesn't play a factor here.


As I was writing this and I looked over some of the game logs and they really are pretty much the same pitcher. 19 of Miley's 33 starts were quality starts, Eovaldi 20 of his 33 starts. Miley went 7 or more innings in a start 13 times last year, Eovaldi 11 times. Eovaldi walks a lot less hitters, but Miley is coming off a career high in K's and bested Eovaldi by 41 in basically the same amount of innings.


It's basically a toss up between these two. If it's a straight up Eovaldi for Miley trade nobody should really get all that excited or all too upset. It's really a lateral move. But if the Marlins think at 28 years old and hitting his 4th year in the league that Miley is just about to hit his prime years while Eovaldi might need another year or two of seasoning to get right, then they probably should make that trade if offered. But I'm fine with Eovaldi or with Miley, really too similar imo to care.



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I was a little on the fence about this at first, but when I realized Miley was more "eh" than I thought, I'd rather just keep Eovaldi and hope he can improve. Right now, it seems like he's just a thrower rather than a pitcher. "I can throw this at 98 mph, try and hit it! ... Oh ... you can. Maybe this guy can't, though?" He needs to work on the change-up and locating the breaking pitches.



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