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Marlins Acquire Aaron Crow

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No. I honestly think that most people's problem with him stem from the almost 7 million that he is going to make in arb next year. That's completely impractical when the team budget is 65 million. I love the guy but it's a business decision in my opinion.


7 million for a quality closer is a bargain in any economy



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To those of you who said that Brian Flynn would never amount to anything…


He did. He amounted to Aaron Crow :) and I guess he really did have some trade value.


Glad to hear Cishek stays. A strong bullpen can take you places. Still doesn't solve our problem at 1B, but hey!

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Would be cool if Crow had a turnaround similar to Morris.


His velocity was down this year. 2011, 2012, and 2013, Crow's fastball had an average low [excluding Octobers and Marches] of 95.09 [August 2011]. In 2014, his average high was 93.75 [July]. His change-up velocity stayed the same. Could explain the jump in ERA, couldn't get hitters off their timing as well. Slider was a little slower, but that can be negligible - the extra movement from less velocity could help sometimes.


Something was off with him. His fastball and slider velocities were down. Was he a little injured? I can't say it was overuse, he averaged 58 innings per season from 2011 to 2013. K/9 was drastically reduced.


At least we were able to ... buy low? I guess?



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