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Marlin Family Live radio show

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The FSU fan (not the crazy guy who hasn't shaved since Jose got hurt) has quite the expectations. 


Of course, it's difficult to know for sure because they only gave their thoughts on the catchers and outfielders tonight and I only caught the outfielders part (and we do probably have the best OF in baseball so at least there's a reason for the optimism). 


Anyway, FSU fan says all 3 of our OF'ers will make the All-Star team. He said Stanton would hit 51 HR's and Ozuna was going to hit 35+ because he's a mini-Stanton. That's probably not right. 


To be honest, they might not be far off, but I was hoping for a more objective show. The guy with the crazy beard got all giddy at the end and projected that Stanton would win every single MVP award this season (regular season, NLCS & World Series). His expressions and sighs made the show rather awkward to listen to. 


The part that I caught and thought was pretty good was the latter part of the catcher discussion. Not sure how it started, but they were talking about Realmuto and the possibility of him replacing Mathis. Instead of acting like a bunch of homers, they had a decent back and forth discussion going on discussing the pros and cons of having Realmuto on the roster.



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