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Formula 1


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Ok Ladies and Gents, 


The new Formula 1 season is upon us and I wanna know if there are any other petrol-heads out there who will be watching along with me?


The inaugural race is in Melbourne this Sunday, and I want to know who you guys support, what you think will happen this season and if there will be any surprises (Mercedes not winning it again).


Hopefully, we can turn this into a nice discussion thread!


To get things going, i've included a pic of the RB11 in the color camo livery. 





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This is what drives me crazy about Formula 1....


Only those with billions and billions of dollars can compete. And of that group, only a team or two can actually win the title.


Its worse than NASCAR in that respect!


​You are right. There is such a huge gap between the Ferraris, Mercedes and Red Bulls to the lower teams that it makes it seem almost unfair. I know F1 pays teams like Ferrari extra money at the end of the year because of how long they have been a part of the sport. I agree that celebrating a teams' history is important, but there are teams that are struggling to stay afloat (Manor, Sauber, Force India) and you are giving Ferrari free money. Its a bit unfair.


Last year, Jules Bianchi came in 9th in the Monte Carlo GP. It is said that the 2 Championship Points he earned for Manor (Marussia) saved them from going bankrupt and leaving the sport. That's how close they came.


Caterham had to leave the sport completely due to money issues.


Something needs to be done to make the sport more competitive for the lower teams who don't have the financial backing of the Red Bulls or Ferraris.



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OK, another Formula 1 Grand Prix weekend is upon us!  


This weekend, we will be in Shanghai, China for the Chinese Grand Prix.  




Here are the current driver's standings...




Will anyone else be watching???




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