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Heath Bell to Retire


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What's hilarious is he cites his family as the reasons he's retiring rather than the fact that he has been absolutely horrendous since 2012 and pretty much no other team will take another chance on him


Heath Bell To RetireBy Jeff Todd [March 24, 2015 at 4:37pm CDT]

Veteran right-handed reliever Heath Bell, 37, has decided to retire, he tells MLB.com’s Corey Brock. Bell had been in camp with the Nationals on a minor league deal until hisrelease yesterday.


Though Bell says he felt good this spring and believed he could still contribute at the big league level, family considerations drove his decision. “My kids wanted me home,” he said. “What’s more important: my kids or the big leagues? I’ve already accomplished more than I ever dreamed of. Now it’s time to help them accomplish their dreams.”


Bell, who spent time in the bigs in parts of eleven seasons, will be remembered most for his stint with the Padres. Over five years in San Diego, Bell tossed 374 innings of 2.53 ERA ball while averaging 9.4 K/9 against 3.2 BB/9. In his three seasons as the club’s closer, Bell also racked up 134 saves.


While Bell never regained that form after signing a three-year deal with the Marlins before the 2012 season, there is little question that Bell had a productive overall career. In total, he worked to a 3.49 ERA and logged over 600 frames. Bell broke into the league with the Mets, and also spent time with the Diamondbacks and Rays.


Bell says he may eventually pursue coaching and/or broadcasting, but for now is looking forward to working with his 11-year-old son’s ballclub. He will have plenty of time to ponder his past and his future over the next few days, Brock notes, as Bell is already in the midst of a cross-country RV trip back to his home in San Diego.


MLBTR wishes Bell, and his family, the best of luck in their new endeavors.


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I'll never forget going to see the Marlins play the Nationals in DC back in 2012. We got there early to try to score some autographs from the Marlins as we were hoping that being decked out in Marlins gear would help us get sympathy from Marlins players. Up comes Heath "Big Gulp" Bell to sign and he starts talking shit about the team, players and staff in front of us. I mean, this guy was being a giant effin d-bag about everything. Blaming all of his problems on everyone else but himself. I walked away without getting his autograph. I am glad to see him retire. This guy was so oblivious to his own faults it was crazy. I was happy when the Marlins traded him away and happy to see him retire.



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If anybody wants a more detailed look into the life of Heath bell, that Zach Hample dude has hung out with him multiple times. Just look at his blog for games involving Heath bells team at the time.


of course I say this with a big ole dose of who really gives an "F" but I figured Id mention it.



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