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Rays @ Marlins 4/10/15

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In celebration of Zombie Night the team are going to walk to the plate and swing wildly at pitches like members of the undead, fall over while running the base paths and claim to have completed catches when the ball's not even in their glove.


You can guess the rest of this "joke" yourself.



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Next month Meth Night with that foreign bloke who owned the car wash before Skyler White bought it from Breaking Bad.




Or do you mean his eyebrows?


Fuck em both.


​Do you know what Bogdan replied when asked what he does on his spare time on his computer?





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mlbtraderumors. It was a Heyman article.


​Interesting. I wonder who our catcher would be.


​Probably would have been Realmutime.


​That would've been a disaster.


​I think he'd do better than Salty. He has pretty nice upside. Not a very high ceiling, but a pretty high floor. He won't be an MVP or start an All-Star Game, but he'll be a Major League starter for a long time.



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