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Koeher's times faced in a game stats


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Just objectifying opinions I've seen posted


First time through order: 2.85 R/9, 3.62 FIP, .644 OPS (135.2 ip)

Second time through order: 4.35 R/9, 4.34 FIP, .761 OPS (130.1 ip)

Third time through: 5.44 R/9, 4.80 FIP, .842 OPS (86 IP)


If he's not the one going to the bullpen when Henderson is back, I'm super disappointed. Shit, depending on how he does tonight, I'm not against him going there now and seeing what Nicolino or Urena can do. Probably doesn't really improve rotation, but at least improves bullpen.


(Note: IP estimate based off outs made because B-R only has opponent batter data. And, you can do a rough conversion of R/9 to ERA by multiplying R/9 by 0.97 [The difference in Koehler's career]).



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That's pretty striking.  I would imagine the numbers generally trend in that direction for subsequent at-bats throughout the game vs a pitcher, but not that much.  (And that's not to bash Koehler who has been what, ok for us I guess for a 5th starter all things considered, it actually supports the case for bullpen since he's apparently quite good the first time faced)








So yeah, if Phelps keeps pitching well, I'd say it's a sure thing Salad's first to the pen.



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