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Garciaparra for Washburn?


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Credit: LA Times


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Garciaparra-for-Washburn Trade Discussed


Sources say Angels also could include Glaus in possible deal with Boston, which wouldn't trade its star shortstop unless it first got Alex Rodriguez.


By Bill Shaikin, Times Staff Writer



The Angels and Boston Red Sox have discussed a trade that would send pitcher Jarrod Washburn to Boston for shortstop Nomar Garciaparra, sources familiar with the talks said Saturday.


The trade, which sources said could be expanded to include third baseman Troy Glaus, is contingent on the Red Sox and Texas Rangers agreeing to financial considerations that would trigger a move of shortstop Alex Rodriguez to Boston for outfielder Manny Ramirez


That agreement could come sometime next week, or not at all. If deals materialize, the Angels could acquire Garciaparra and pitchers Bartolo Colon and Kelvim Escobar within a three-week span. The Angels signed Escobar to a three-year, $18.75-million contract and are believed to have offered Colon a four-year, $48-million contract.


The Angels have put Washburn and Ramon Ortiz on the trading block, one National League executive said Saturday.


"If they're willing to move one of their pitchers, I think they're going to get Colon," the executive said.


Angel General Manager Bill Stoneman declined to discuss specific deals but said Saturday he was ready to move.


"We've got nothing ready to announce," Stoneman said. "Hopefully, things can happen quickly."


Commissioner Bud Selig has granted Boston owner John Henry permission to talk with Rodriguez, the American League most valuable player. The Rangers want the Red Sox to pay some of the $100 million left on Ramirez's contract and all of the $180 million left on Rodriguez's contract, and the Red Sox hope to persuade Rodriguez to restructure his deal.


The ability to trade a pitcher does not mean the Angels can acquire Kansas City center fielder Carlos Beltran, a player they have long coveted. Royal General Manager Allard Baird said Saturday he expects to retain Beltran, who can file for free agency after next season, and in any case has not had recent trade talks with the Angels.


"I think that's a dead issue," Baird said.


In search of offensive help, the Angels appear focused on Garciaparra, a two-time AL batting champion and five-time All-Star with a 2004 salary of $11.5 million. Of their free-agent shortstop targets, Kazuo Matsui appears close to signing with the New York Mets, and the Tacoma News Tribune reported Saturday that Miguel Tejada is seeking a contract of up to 10 years in length.


The Dodgers have offered pitcher Odalis Perez for Garciaparra, a trade the Red Sox have not ruled out. Washburn, however, has played in the American League, started postseason games and won 18 games in 2002.


He won 10 last year, lost 15 and gave up a league-high 34 home runs, but he still pitched a career-high 207 innings despite shoulder, hip, back and ankle injuries.


Washburn is expected to make about $6 million next season and cannot become a free agent until after the 2005 season. In July, however, he said he would not initiate discussions for a long-term contract and would not grant the Angels a hometown discount in accepting one, a stance he acknowledged could lead the team to trade him.


"I understand that," he said then. "I know that's the business of the game."


Glaus will make $9.55 million next year and, like Garciaparra, can file for free agency after the season. If the Angels include Glaus in the trade without receiving another player in return, they would save about $4 million in salaries next year but would need to obtain a stopgap third baseman.


Stoneman said star third-base prospect Dallas McPherson, who started last season at Class A, is not ready for the major leagues.


"He's going to be a major league player," Stoneman said, "but he's got a little ways to go."



Times staff writers Jason Reid and Ross Newhan contributed to this report.

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Who's worse, washburn or nomar away from fenway? the salaries of the players combine about break even, glaus can play third, mueller will go to second, A-Rod goes to SS, the red sox have Pedro, Schilling, Lowe, Washburn, Kim, which isn't bad, but their payroll goes up by 30 million because of what would be needed to pull off an manny-arod deal (paying down part of manny's salary.)


Boston would probably be over the threshold and have a whole in left field defense, but they can move mueller to their 2 or 3 hitter, then bat a rod, then ortiz, and varitek.

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The Angels' GM has already stated that the Garciaparra trade is a bad deal for the Angels.

I think it stinks, Nomar only has 1 year on his contract and then Nomar is a high priced free agent.

No way both Glaus and Washburn for Nomar! No way!


I also support not helping Boston or the Yankees.

The angels save about 4 million and they could get Colon. They rid themselves of two highly overrated players for one, and then when nomar's gone, they can go get Eric Chavez or something.


BTW, who's that girl on your avatar?

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The angels save about 4 million and they could get Colon. They rid themselves of two highly overrated players for one, and then when nomar's gone, they can go get Eric Chavez or something.


BTW, who's that girl on your avatar?

Glaus has been a 30 HR, 100 RBI for 3 years except last when he was injured.

Glaus hit 47 HRs in 2000.

Washburn won 18 games in 2002 with a low 3 ERA.


I say keep them both and sign Tejada, but actually a RF and 1st baseman are their needs.

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Isnt there a rumor that Nomar was going to texas for Alex Rodriguez?

No, it is Manny Ramirez ($ 20 mil) for Arod ($ 25 mil)!

Then the Red Sox would deal Nomar.

Espn reports today that Nomar would go to the Angels for Adam Kennedy or Washburn, (no Glaus).


But Nomar wants a 4 year $ 60 million dollar contract extension.

:mischief2 :mischief2 :hat :hat

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