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Chicago Pirates?


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I just read the following segment from a columnist in the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle(the part about the cubs & Kendall):


Thumbs down to the New York Mets, who were so desperate to steal some hot stove heat from the Yankees that they signed Japanese shortstop Kaz Matsui and will move Jose Reyes to second base. Reyes has the chance to be a superstar and moving him off short to appease the imported player is ridiculous. ? Yankees owner George Steinbrenner already has told Gary Sheffield that he expects him to hit his 500th HR as a Yankee, make the Hall of Fame and wear a Yankees cap on his plaque. ? The Chicago Cubs reportedly hope to add three rows of premium seats ($200 to $250) behind home plate at Wrigley Field. The team also hopes to trade for Pittsburgh catcher Jason Kendall if it doesn?t sign Ivan Rodriguez.




Now, if the the Pirates couldn't win with that team, what makes chicago think they can with all of these pittsburgh players they are picking up over the last year?

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Cause they're the best Pittsburgh players (except for Giles). It's not like we're signing Abraham Nunez or Pokey Reese here.


If the Cubs trade for Kendall, they better get the Pirates to pay a portion of his salary. If not that, Chicago better not give up a good prospect. They do both, and I'm :angry

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