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Dwyane Wade did awesome. He showed everyone tonight he's going to be something special, if you didn't know that already. :shifty


What Caron did was not shown up on stat sheets but he made it a lot easier for the Heat to score because the Suns' D was mainly focused on Caron, almost double teaming him everytime he had the ball which created a lot of open shots for Brian, EJ, and Lamar.

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man what the f***???????


come Caron not an all star??????


did you watch the horrible season the heat displayed last year Caron was the s***...


him and Wade are gonna be a nice a** duo of the future with Eddie Jones garbade a** as the 3rd man..... I cant wait 4 Brain Grants hefty a** contract to finally finish..... maybe with his $$$$$ we can get a real big man.....


but as of right now wade is the best palya on the team..... but give caron about a month and will be the best and than the two will make teh etam go on a 15 game winning streak and the miami heat wont be a joke anymore......


I can dream cant I?


adleast my Hornets are ballin

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yea ive just started watching the heat again


i used to watch them back when they would always lose against the knicks in the playoffs


yea wade is definitely the man but odom is definitely the s*** also didnt watch last season so i dont know much about butler


anyways just wondering...whats left of odom's contract? and i saw someone mention grant and his huge contract...whats his like? i can't imagine him making a ton of money

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