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Jose Fernandez Rumor


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This team can get better by trading jose, as long as it's the right trade. I'm all for it. But we need proven major league talent this time, not some Andrew Miller kind of pieces. None of that really seems THAT likely which pretty much puts us where Admin says we are.  Not likely, but the Marlins would be stupid to not listen.



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Admin I'm one that always believes you because I take your words at face value and you've never been wrong in that sense....


But how the hell are they "making progress" on a trade if they're not trying to move him? Making progress means they have a goal they're trying to reach, which would be trading him, so what gives there?


It is feasible that "making progress" is the other team getting more desperate and throwing in more players (as Hill cackles)


Probably not, but making progress doesn't mean actively, eagerly pushing to trade, it just means chatter back and forth is moving forward. The Marlins can be the pretty girl at the bar, disinterested but enjoying the flirting, getting hit on while the guys are kidding themselves that they have a shot


If the Fish are overwhelmed with an offer in terms of quality and quantity, they gotta take it. Jose will test the market due to Boras, and with the state of pitcher contracts only growing larger, the Marlins can offer a lot of money and still be ludicrously outbid. And Jose already turned down a fair deal. 


My major issue is that I have no confidence in the FO to get the right prospects and/or develop them correctly. 



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