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2015 Winter Meetings


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Have you SEEN that guy? What do you think?


The immediate guess would be big spoon but after some careful consideration one must conclude that it's also the big guys that like to be dominated in the bedroom so I am guessing little spoon.  Final Answer. 


(besides we all know that little Jeffrey like screwing everyone he signs)



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Guest Vince0926
The #Marlins have had trade discussions with #redsox about pitchers Wade Miley and Joe Kelly.


per Clark spencer


Yup wade Miley. Could see him get shelled here.



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I just remember when it was around the deadline and we were busy shuffling out players, a bunch of us, said we had to give Loria a chance to reinvest again this offseason with the money they were clearly saving and pocketing.  I still stand by the attempt he made last offseason, it just happened that literally ALL the signings flopped.   However, this offseason the notable names are pretty much long gone and the Marlins weren't even rumored to be in on any of them.  All I'm hearing them being linked to now is pretty much junk - i.e. guys they's sign just to say "hey, we signed someone!".  Very disappointing.



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If someone was holding a knife at me and telling me to step closer because they wanted to buy me dinner...I am pretty sure I would believe the knife.... 


This team is really boned.


I really cannot figure out how they claim to be trying to win in 2016 with this team and making zero effort other than cutting their injured number 2 starter. I cannot figure out why anyone would believe anything they said.


I think they have to pretend they are interested in making a push until someone gets desperate enough for Jose. This is all posturing.



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