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Who should replace Tommy?

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If it ends up being some hellish mixture of Conine and Preston Wilson, I would be willing to bet $3.50 that they "tried" to get someone like Dontrelle Willis, Juan Pierre, or Pudge before things "fell through" or there was a "difference of opinions". Something like:


Marlins: So, Mr. Train, tell us why you want to be the voice of the Marlins.


Willis: Well, I love the team and I had my only good years here, so I have fond memories.


Marlins: Sounds good so far, now, what will you say if a player is hitting .927 with 230 home runs at the deadline, and we trade him for a Single-A reliever who just turned 36 and cash considerations?


Willis: I would say it's a bad deal.


Marlins: Mr. Train, you're fired.


Willis: But you never even...


Marlins: Get out.



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Can't believe they thought it was the best decision to fire Tommy and not have an actual replacement in mind. Like, an actual experienced announcer/color guy. 


FP Santangelo was impossible to listen to. I don't know if it was just the shit he talked about the Marlins or his general douchery, but I wanted to punch him. I'm glad that fell through.


If that guy was their only guy with experience on the list of possibilities..... so Loria. So damned Loria lol.


Eat crow and ask Tommy back. Seriously. The freaking crybaby players complained he was overly critical of them? Give me a break!! Don't suck so bad and you won't be criticized. It's his damn job to be factual and call out players not doing there job, is it not???


Still pissed about this...





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Al Leiter isnt terrible but he's one of those guys who will get a little nervous or forget what he wanted to say and then just say something that makes no fucking sense. 


I thought Perez did a pretty decent job on Baseball Tonight but Preston, although seeming like a very nice guy, is awful. 


But none are near Hutton.


I also love the complete lack of continuity. 



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