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If we could add one more SP, who would you add?

Who would you add?  

78 members have voted

  1. 1. Who would you add?

    • Doug Fister 
    • Cliff Lee 
    • Yovani Gallardo 
    • Aaron Harang 
    • Tim Lincecum 
    • Other 

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It seems to be pretty unanimous here that the Marlins need one addition to the starting rotation to have any chance at contending in 2016.


If you could add one more starting pitcher, who would it be and why?


I'm gonna include free agents in the poll but feel free to propose any trade possibilities as well.


Also, I'm not Admin so this isn't some sneaky front office poll... Unless Admin wants to do something with the results.



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trade for Gio,but unlikely especially after we won the bidding war for Chen.


They wanted Yelich. We quickly hung up the phone after that.


I picked Lincecum aka The Freak.


Although Lee/Fister came in a close second.


If Marlins were to sign Kennedy do they give up another draft pick as well? 3rd Rounder?



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Price tag and loss of a draft pick aside, I think Kennedy would be the one who can improve this club the most.


In an ideal scenario, Loria goes all in on the rotation and adds both Kennedy and Fister to really extend the rotation. This way we wouldn't lean so heavily on any of Chen Kennedy and Fister. The three of them combined could be a huge lift down here. Also takes pressure off of Cosart/Koehler. Gives Conley Nicolino Urena and Flores the minor league time they need to contribute later. And puts Jackson and Phelps in their best positions to help us as relievers/depth starters. Also probably puts the nail in the coffin for Hand (that's for you, Vince!)


I think Fernandez, Chen, Kennedy, Cosart/Koehler, and Fister is a mighty upgrade for us.



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