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If we could add one more SP, who would you add?


Who would you add?  

78 members have voted

  1. 1. Who would you add?

    • Doug Fister 
    • Cliff Lee 
    • Yovani Gallardo 
    • Aaron Harang 
    • Tim Lincecum 
    • Other 

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Guest Vince0926
That boggled my mind. I can assume only they felt he wouldn't be ready or 100% until June/July. 


For 5MM I wouldn't have resigned him if I thought a better option was available. 


Sad part is, there wasn't and won't be. 


Yep Marlins are going for reclamation projects yet there was one in Alvarez for the taking.



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Guest Vince0926

Loria doesnt want to spend the money. Marlins had a great september 2015. He thinks that should carry over because they went 16-10 with hand, nicolino, conley, and dunn. Not to mention mathis was hitting bombs out of citizens bank park.



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Guest Vince0926


Yep. This has all the makings of chen getting traded at the end of the year. No pitching equals tanking. SHOULD HAVE SIGNED A NUMBER 3. Or traded ozuna for it. 



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I'm still confident they'll add "someone" but each day that goes by makes it more likely it's a lesser quality someone who might not even make the team.


To me though, when we're this close to spring and prices drop, this is the time to grab a little more quality for less money so I'd imagine this is the perfect time for a team like us to swoop in on someone.


Too bad they're seemingly not thinking like that. 


We shall see. 



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