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If we could add one more SP, who would you add?

Who would you add?  

78 members have voted

  1. 1. Who would you add?

    • Doug Fister 
    • Cliff Lee 
    • Yovani Gallardo 
    • Aaron Harang 
    • Tim Lincecum 
    • Other 

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The fact Billy Beane signed him says it all. The organization they want to operate like, signed him for more money than what he would have gotten in arbitration from the Marlins.


I think we all know how this is going to end.


Your 2016 AL Cy Young winner?



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If they wanna play they will have to take it. I don't see any of those guys really getting a major league deal outside of Lincecum and that's if he does well in his workouts.


Jon Heyman of MLB Network reported 20 teams have contacted Lincecum about a potential deal. Well,that's maybe why a BIG LEAGUE DEAL was much possible.



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I'm pretty sure we gave that assurance to Edwin Fucking Jackson.


### Marlins pitcher Edwin Jackson, who thrived in relief for the Cubs and Braves last season after struggling mightily as a Cubs starter, said he still looks “at myself as a starter” and is determined to win one of two open rotation spots




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You guys are probably joking but Edwin Jackson was not guaranteed a starting spot. He's guaranteed a roster spot and will be strongly considered for a rotation spot but there's no guarantees there. I have to believe Lincecum could be guaranteed a starting spot though. It would only be four guys guaranteed in that case and then Cosart, Jackson, Phelps, Conley, and Nicolino would be competing for the final spot.



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We didn't give Edwin any assurances. Three rotation spots are in - Jose, Chen, Salad. The other two are up for grabs with Conley, Nicolino, Cosart, Jackson and Urena in the mix.


Urena? He might quite literally be the worst pitcher in Major League Baseball.


He should change his last name to Solano.



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