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If we could add one more SP, who would you add?


Who would you add?  

78 members have voted

  1. 1. Who would you add?

    • Doug Fister 
    • Cliff Lee 
    • Yovani Gallardo 
    • Aaron Harang 
    • Tim Lincecum 
    • Other 

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I highly doubt Lee takes $8 mil to come here. He's going to command more than that to begin with and I'm pretty sure he said he wants to be with a contender.


I'd be shocked if he got that coming after his injuries and layoffs. Although, I suspect an incentive package could push him over that.


The Marlins are one good player away, health to Stanton/Fernandez/Yelich/Gordon/Chen, and a random above average breakout (Cosart, Nicolino, Urena Conley, or I guess E. Jackson turn into a #3/4, Realmuto becomes a 3 WAR player, or 30+ HR from Ozuna or Bour/1B, etc.) from being a contender. I don't think the contender argument works. They are close enough, but they absolutely need 25+ more starts for us to take them seriously as a wild card team. Maybe that's Lee. Maybe not. Let's hope they do something.



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The free agents SP's left are not ideal.  If I'm running the team I trade Ozuna for the best SP we can get and then see if Upton would be willing to take a short term deal here.  IDK how much money we have left but 2 years 33 million would be a great deal for him as well as add veteran stability to our lineup.


Dee, Yelich, Stanton, Upton, Bour, Prado, Realmuto, Hech


Jose, Ozuna trade, Chen, Conley, Nicolino. 


With our bullpen and obviously without injuries thats a contender.  But I'm also a lot higher on Nicolino and Conley than most.



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Yeah if Ozuna could have been traded for a legit frontline starter he already would have.


I'm pretty sure it ain't happening and the Marlins going after Chen (and not exactly low balling him with their offer) is a sign that they're done looking for a pitcher for Ozuna because they knew paying Chen was the better bet. 



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We should redo the poll now that kennedy signed. See how those votes divide 


I agree, get on it [uSER=2328]@SilverBullet1929[/uSER] you lazy ass



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Dude the moderation options only let me delete the whole thread. How the hell do I just remove Kennedy? 


Well shit I didn't know that. Turns out I am the lazy ass.  Done


I'm not sure if those that voted for him can now vote again, never done that before.



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