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Prayer Request


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My best friend is going through a really tough time right now. One of her best friends, she just found out, was diagnosed with a malignant cancer and two of her friends just died this morning.


Her two friends died in a car accident. They always liked to race and speed and that's what killed them. They were speeding and smashed into an oncoming car. One of the guys that died was someone she was totally in love with and she never got to tell him how she felt. Right now, she's flipping out. She can't concentrate at work.


I just know that she will never be the same. It really sucks this had to happen to her, especially in this time of year.


Please please PLEASE keep her and her friends in your thoughts and prayers. She needs it real bad right now.


Another thing, for those of you who like to speed, drive safely, because not only can you hurt yourself, but you will hurt those who love you.

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Wow that's horrible. I'm really sorry to hear that. I will definitely keep her in my prayers.


RIP to her friends :(


Like GiantsIn04 said, it does make you realize how small your problems are. I sit here and flip out over the smallest thing when there's people that have to worry about losing loved ones and illnesses.

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