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Just some rundown on Marlins related rumors (and it'll get complicated, just how I like it. Pregnant Women and the Faint of Heart please watch yourselves):


Ex- Marlin Kevin Brown is expected to wave the no trade clause and head to the Yankees. This would send Jeff Weaver to the Dodgers along with 3 mil and a couple minor leaguers. This gives LA 15 million to spend within the next two seasons, freeing up money for either Tejada or Garciaparra.


Tejada right now is staring a 3 year, 24-25 million deal from Seattle straight in the face. Rumor has it Baltimore is planning to top any offer made to Tejada, so they could be setting their sights straight there and maybe on someone else that is a little cheaper (more on this later). The Dodgers are interested if they do not land Nomah, but they would most likely be outbid. The Red Sox are also said to be interested if they trade Nomah and don't land ARod (which is in the cahoots right now thanks to everyone's favorite trade breakdown excuse, money). The A's are seriously slipping in these negotiations, and are now more of a longshot. The Tigers still will break the bank on a free agent, but it probably won't be Tejada. The Angels have also been mentioned, but their pursuits of other players leave them pretty much out of this race.


Everyone's favorite catcher is entertaining offers from the Tigers, Cubs (which appear to be slipping), Dodgers, A's (which probably won't be a factor for much longer), and Orioles. The Orioles apparently do not want to pay his price tag, as they would rather opt for a cheaper option in Javy Lopez then spend more on Gredo. The Dodgers may also make a run at him, which would free up LoDuca to either be dealt or sent to first base. The Orioles would be interested in LoDuca if the Dodgers signed Pudge, but their number one choice at catcher remains Lopez.


Rafael Palmeiro apparently also is in the Orioles' plans for this offseason. He is their top first baseman target according to some sources, but they will have to compete with the Dodgers, Yankees, and Angels. The Angels are only interested, however, if Palmeiro's price drops. Palmeiro might be a good option for Baltimore if they also sign Javy Lopez, so they can get two big bats for their lineup maximizing their cash. But this is yet to be seen because their number 1 target as of right now is still Tejada.


The Orioles also have another first baseman target in mind, Paul Konerko. But his 8 mil salary might be too much for them to swallow if they are to land a top tier free agent. The Dodger-White Sox trade talks involving Konerko and Odalis Perez seem to have died down for now, thanks mostly to the Kevin Brown deal.


The Orioles have contacted the aforementioned White Sox about Magglio Ordo?ez in case they don't sign Vladimir Guerrero. The Angels were previously thought of as suitors as well, but their investment in pitching has pretty much whiped them out of that hunt.


In case the Orioles can't land Miguel Tejada, they will pursure Giant Free Agent Rich Aurilia. While some of his other suitors might want to move him to third (Tigers, Red Sox, Rockies), the O's plan to keep him at short if they do land him. Again, this is only in the case that they cannot sign Tejada.


It appears the Orioles are after TWO of our former players. One of Ugy's many suitors are the Orange and Black, along with such teams as the Mets, Cubs, Red Sox, and A's. The Orioles, however, will only sign him if the price is right, because they have Jorge Julio on the flipside of their pen. The Mets seem to be the frontrunners as of right now, which would put another good closer in the NL East.


And of course, this brings us back to Vlad. If Tejada is signed by the Orioles, then Vlad will most likely be looking at another address. The Orioles seem intent right now on signing Tejada, Palmeiro if the price is right, and maybe someone else if they can squeeze them in. I personally think they could use some pitching, but there isn't much left on the free agent market pitching wise so it could be difficult for them to go in that direction.


Got all that?

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News far:


ARod deal likely won't happen thanks to money.


Maddux wants to pitch on the West Coast, but it won't be in SF.


Benitez should be with the Marlins very soon.


They say something about Vlad signing a deal with Baltimore by Sunday according to Bowden. Also, the Orioles are hell bent of Tejada as well. I don't think they can sign both, but we shall see.

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