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heisman trophy


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those 3 losses kill his chances unfortunately


i remember my freshman year.... Randle El was a finalist but didnt really stand a chance because of how crappy our team was

convenient that Roberson was injured during those 3 losses yea, i thought this was KState's season


freakin Roberson.... take some 'tussin

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on raw numbers, this man is ridiculous


429/666 5556yds 48td 21int and 5 rushing td


that boggles the mind


oh yea, and he is a senior and made his first starts this season

B.J. Symons is awesome.


And I'd vote Fitzgerald. Followed by Rothelisberger (or however the hell you spell it).

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*Coughs Ken Dorsey last year*


I think Jason White will win the Heisman but who would I really like to win it?


B.J. Symons or Rothelisberger then Fitzgerald. Those three are made of elite stuff; I was lucky enough to see the UM defense dominate Fitzgerald this year so that might of hurt his chances. B.J. Symons should of been a finalist. How does someone who breaks the NCAA passing yards record in his first year starting not get into the Heisman.

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