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Dan Patrick stands in against Josh Beckett


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DP- Dan Patrick

JB- Josh Beckett



DP: Why didnt you kiss Pudge after any of your victories?


JB: Pudgy and I arent like that.


DP: Ah, you didnt want to get in between him and Ugie. And you dont date co-workers.


JB: Right. I dont fish off the company pier


DP: Bases are loaded. Who would you rather pitch to, Pujols or Bonds?


JB: Pujols


DP: Because he's righthanded?


JB: I match up a little better with him. PLus, last year Barry broke his bat and still hit it out against me. Even if you fool him. He hits it out.


DP: Did you want to check the bat?


JB: No, I wanted to cry.


DP: Whats all this about you being cheap?


JB: The Best Damn Sports Show guys were ragging on me about using a 50 dollar gift certificate to Morton's. I mean, come on, It's 50 bucks.


DP: Sure, But what about those Factory rims on your Hummer?


JB: My teammates always rag me for that. but theres nothing wrong with them! They've got engineers making Millions of dollars trying to figure out what kind of rims to put on those things. And I'm supposed to change them?


DP: Does Jack Mckeon smoke good Stogies?


JB: Oh, sure. My dad actually sent him some. Dad's an avid cigar smoker. And dipper, and drinker. Dad does just about everything bad for you.


DP: Sounds more fun than you.


JB: He is. Hey, speaking of Cheap Guys, Braden Looper brought in some ancient cigars one time. Ants had eaten wholes in those things, they were so old.


DP: Just trying to suck up to the Skipper?


JB: I'm not sure what he was trying to, but whatever it was, it didn't work.


DP. Did you go to McKeon and say "I'll go game 6" ?


JB: I told them i wanted to long toss to see how stiff I was. I felt fine and told them I'd do it.


DP: How much of that was momentum?


JB: I felt good the whole playoffs. I kind of got in the groove. Sometimes to much rest messes you up.


DP: Not for me. I love time off from work


JB: Thats pretty obvious, Dan




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