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First it appears Kevin Foulke will be a Red Sox announce could come anytime now.


Second, Edmonds has asked the Cards if trading him is the best shot for the team to improve(get some better starting pitching), he ask for a some request. Let it be a west coast team. But surgery last week to his shoulder could make it difficult to trade.Odds on favorite....a return to Anaheim?


Third, the Dodgers did 180 on what pitcher to trade Weaver or Perez. It appears now Odalis is the guy........but are they fishing for?? :mischief2 Huff? C.Beltran? or Nomar? as for Lo Duca well his on block (Marlins interested?), to make room for.........public enemy 1# down here Fudge I mean Pudge :D



The Blue Jays tried like hell to get Ben Sheets out of Brew country but failed....BUT that doesn't mean Sheets wouldn't be traded....you hear Cincinnati :o


O by the way someone called me crazy when I said Tejada 3yrs for 30 million by the Mets(before they signed Kaz Matsui)...well thats where he wanted to go but now it appears the wait will get him more money. What's now 4yr 45 million? :o


As for A-Rod, Its the MLPA putting the pressure on him NOT to settle for 20 million a year and stay at 25 million, but it appears the two owners of both the Rangers and Red Sox are talkin and this deal could still happen by the end of the weekend

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According to Boston sources close to the negotiations, the Boston Red Sox have agreed to trade outfielder Manny Ramirez to the Texas Rangers in exchange for shortstop Alex Rodriguez. In addition to that transaction, the Red Sox have also agreed to trade shortstop Nomar Garciaparra to the Anaheim Angels for starting pitcher Jarrod Washburn and a minor league prospect. According to sources, both of these aforementioned trades will be announced at the conclusion baseball?s winter meetings. Well the Yankees better watch out now

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