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Vladimir Guerrero - OF - Montreal Expos Dec 13


According to the Washington Post, the Orioles yesterday offered Vladimir Guerrero $65 million over five years but were turned down.

This was basically just a starting point for the Orioles. They may go up to $90 million over six years if that's what it takes to get a deal done. Also according to the Post, the Yankees made a similar five-year offer to Guerrero yesterday, perhaps as a ploy to get Gary Sheffield signed. Source: Washington Post


Miguel Tejada - SS - Oakland Athletics Dec 13


In addition to their offer to Vladimir Guerrero, the Orioles proposed contracts to Miguel Tejada, Ivan Rodriguez and Javy Lopez yesterday.

The offer to Tejada was for three years and $27 million, while their offers to catchers Javy Lopez and Ivan Rodriguez were both two- or three-year deals at between $6 million and $8 million per year. It's unlikely that any of the offers will be accepted, but further discussions are likely with all three players. Tejada also has offers on the table from Seattle and Detroit, though the Tigers aren't optimistic about signing him. The Baltimore Sun says the Orioles are the heavy favorites to sign Lopez. Source: Washington Post


Gary Sheffield - OF - Atlanta Braves Dec 13


The Yankees now prefer Vladimir Guerrero to Gary Sheffield, the New York Daily News reports.

Depending on which New York paper you prefer, the Yankees either remain very close to signing Sheffield (Newark Star-Ledger) or have moved on completely. George Steinbrenner chose to send no one to the winter meetings and has tried to keep his management team as quiet as possible, so there are no clear indications of just how the Yankees are playing this one. Source: New York Daily News


Braden Looper - R - Florida Marlins Dec 13


The Marlins haven't ruled out re-signing Braden Looper is he's willing to avoid arbitration.

The speculation is that the Marlins are the favorites to sign Armando Benitez, but if that doesn't work out, they could try to ink Looper to a one-year, $3 million contract. They're also interested in Antonio Alfonseca and Mike Williams, though they'd probably only be setup men. Source: Palm Beach Post


Javy Lopez - C - Atlanta Braves Dec 13


The Cubs could make a run at either Javy Lopez or Ivan Rodriguez, but they plan to wait for the price to drop.

It's believed that the Cubs would prefer to sign Lopez, but it looks like it's going to be up to the Orioles to decide which one of the two catchers is left over. The Cubs still might not go after either. Instead, they could sign Michael Barrett once he's non-tendered by the Expos. Source: Chicago Sun-Times

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It is looking less and less like we sign Vlad. I dont see us coming up with that much money for him - nor do I think we should. I am all for getting Vlad, but for 5 years? I was thinking more 3-4.

Beinfest will figure a way out. I just don't see Vlad going to a non contending team next year. Vlad wants to win so methinks that will give us the advantage as well as the hundreds of other intangibles there are.

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WTF is Beinfest on Crack, Williams and Alfonseca? If this is true he should be fired on the spot regardless of that title. I hope that was a bunch of BS.



Also it's over Vlad is not even considering the Marlins. We haven't even made him an offer and we probaly won't in the future.

Where is your proof that Vlad isnt considering us? Because there is proof that the Marlins are making a move for him. That is not in question. The question is, are we going to put up enough money to land him? Yeah, I think Vlad plays for a contender - but thecontenders out there either dont have the money or the need. Except us - and we aint contending unless we shore up the bullpen.


Which brings me to the next point. I dont have a problem with Williams - this guy was pretty damn good for the Pirates for years. He could be had cheap too. But Alfonseca? That guy isnt coming back because he blew up against this organization - or at least against Torborg. He could turn it around with us, nostalgia counting for something and all. But it would have to be at the right price - like $1M or less. One year deal too - make him earn it.


I think Beinfest knows what he is doing - pretty damn well in fact. This team has been setting the trends, not following them, this past year. They will continue to do so because they have to. Beinfest has been at the helm of that.

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