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The Curse of the Orange Bowl


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Read an article recently and just thought I bring this up. Isn't it weird every sense the the Dolphins moved out of the Orange Bowl they haven't won a championship? Same goes with UM, since the Hurricanes left they've been in a free fall (even though they seem like they're headed the right direction lately).  Lastly, the Marlins seem like every time they have something good its goes bad, real bad. I could elaborate on the Marlins but we all know the bad that has plaque this team.  


I just want to know if anyone else has thought about this or I am that superstitious.. 



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Because they were so successful 2004 through 2011 before the number 5 was unretired?


It was retired before they ever played a game, so there was success before it was unretired, but they haven't even reached .500 since. It's just a hypothesis, I mean it could also be that they've drafted poorly, failed to sign international players and have been generally mismanaged for the last 15 years or so, but sure why not blame it on Carl



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