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Chargers to move to LA for 2017 season


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Are they eventually going to be playing at the same stadium as the Rams? If so I hate that shit. I hate that the giants and jets do it.


If it was my team I would be furious that it's going to a city that already has a team. 


Hah, if it was your team you'd probably be the reason why it's going to a city that has another team....


(Makes sure Marlins Park is still standing and empty)


(leans back, "Heh, I told him....fuck San Antonio")



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It's a real shame, not because of the moving of franchises- but because of the circumstances. For all intents and purposes- it looked like Spanos really wanted to stay in SD but they wouldn't help him.


The Chargers should be playing near SD, or somewhere else in CA- not LA. The Raiders should be playing in LA if another team is to move there- but because of their history their and their fanbase.


The raiders have already jerked the league off and moved from OAK to LA to OAK again- I'm sure the NFL is letting the chargers there first to pretty much say FUCK YOU to the Davis family.


Everyone hates how the Browns left CLE, but the league did it right. Leave the history and identity of the team behind and rebrand and send the Chargers to Las Vegas. Put the Raiders in LA.


This whole movement thing has been a massive clusterfuck.... i expect nothing less from Goddell.



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I am a Chargers fan that lives in LA and has never been to San Diego. I am upset by this, because as a Marlins fan, I know what it's like to think your team is going to move. I can't imagine what it's like to have it actually happen. Also, the new logo is fucking garbage. 


Heard its a placeholder.



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