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Don't know if this was posted yet,

-from the Sun-Sentinel

Guillen: Pudge wanted to stay


NEW ORLEANS ? If the Marlins expect a seamless transition from Pudge Rodriguez to Ramon Castro next season, Ozzie Guillen believes they are mistaken.


"Castro will do a good job, but he's not going to do the job Ivan did," Guillen, the Marlins' former third-base coach, said Saturday at baseball's Winter Meetings. "Not on the field. I think off the field, in the clubhouse, Pudgie was great for that team. They're going to miss him."


"It's hard for the fans to believe they're going to come back without Pudge and Ugie," Guillen said. "Is Pudge going to miss the team? Yeah. So will I. ... Believe me, I think it's going to be a little harder for them to win without him. Pudge was one of their clutch hitters, but it's done and they have to move on."


Guillen predicted Rodriguez would end up with the Chicago Cubs, putting Baltimore and Los Angeles in the mix as well, but said the 10-time All-Star was troubled by his exit.


"He was really upset because he wanted to stay with the Marlins," Guillen said. "He's got his house there, got his family there. That's the way the game is. You get the money, you will sign. You don't get the money, you will move away."


This is all stunning news to me. You mean that Ramon Castro won't be able to completely replace an All-Star, future Hall of Fame catcher? I'm speechless!


Thanks for the news flash Ozzie.... :rolleyes:

Once again, 8 million per year ain't exactly a slap in the face.

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Did anyone remember Fudge's constant cries in the media about how he loves this team and he wants to finish his career here after the World Series? No? Neither do I - because it never happened. With him, it was always we'll wait and see...he never committed to being here because his agent has his 'jewels' in his hand. Now, they are going to have to take a deal at $6-8M just to get a job and save face. Thanks Fudge for showing us how much you really wanted to be here. You cant expect Oz to say Fudge screwed up - it is his friend.

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