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Report: MLB umpires may soon take to mic to explain replays


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Don't think this is necessary. I guess for some cases it might help like on the Rojas slide the other day but on most replays the decisions are pretty obvious and easily deciphered once the slow mo replays are shown. So this seems redundant AND a waste of time. Maybe if they only keep this to plays that are confusing to the eye than yea go for it. 


Also, I'd enjoy this more if for every replay that needs to be explained, Preston Wilson is the one who has to do the explaining. Imagine that fun. 



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I disagree with this. Totally unnecessary. Get the call right and move on. Tape doesn't lie. But I do prefer to hear Umps explaining themselves on missed balls/strikes calls (some do, saying "ball inside" etc), or if not, go to a Fox Tracks challenge system like tennis where you can quickly challenge a strike/ball call and have the Fox Tracks or a similar computer/optic system quickly judge its precise location.



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So many fans are often in the dark on why a call is or isnt overturned.


It makes perfect sense to either have an ump get on the mic or have the PA announce what happens on a call.


Its for the fans, who are often so confused on what the actual conclusion of a replay is.


True. I would say the vast majority of calls are clear-cut when the replay is shown (either over-turn or not enough evidence to change), and umps make the right call and need not explain themselves. But sometimes (like the Rojas slide at home), the wrong call is made and should be explained.



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