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How? Play behind the Redskins' starting line (three non-starters this week, and let's not forget about the 'backs missing their blocks) and let Spurrier call the plays. Add in that Hasselbeck is only starting before he'd rather throw the ball away than get sacked like Ramsey. And soon four interceptions doesn't look that bad.


Watch him leave the 'Skins and become the next Frank Wycheck, Stephen Davis, Trent Green or Brian Mitchell... I can go on.

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Yeah, but he's got a hot wife.


You got that right. :)


Plus I mean it was a bad performance but he had played pretty good the 2 or 3 games before. So cut the guy some slack, he was signed like 6 weeks ago and only had a certain amount of time to learn the system, plus the O-Line sucks big ones. It might actually suck more than the Dolphins O-line.

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