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Signing petition to Manfred


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Hey guys, 


I know many of you will think it's futile, and maybe it is, but how many of you that are season ticket holders would be willing to sign a petition to send Manfred to present to the owners to reject the sale?


The basis would Jeter would be no different, if not worse, than Loria vy cist cutting, creating a terrible relationship with the fans, and leaving the team to gain more revenue sharing than it should be (which is not what the owners want).  


 The reasoning behind would be as follows:


1. Fans won't stand for another budget cutting ownership. Let owners know there is a dedicated fan base, for those who don't know, that care about this team and how the future of baseball in Miami hinges on proper ownership. 


2. Send a message to the new owners to not take fans for granted and we make our presence felt. 



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We could at least let them have a press conference first before declaring this group a failure.  I’d like to hear their plans for the franchise.  Loria is leaving a huge mess to clean up...it’s not going to be an easy process.  I imagine many were saying the same types of things when the Astros new ownership came in and cleaned house.  



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Terrible comparison


A) The cleaning house part, which franchise staples did Crane let go?


B) Did Crane have a financial problem? You have to be naive to think an owner who couldn't find enough resources to buy the team for months is now going to be able to field a MLB-caliber payroll.


A) The franchise staples were special assistants to the former owner and president.  I hate seeing Conine or McKeon go too, but it’s fairly common for new owners to replace those positions.  


B) Do we know that this group has financial issues?  I have to think Manfred is not going to allow someone to buy the team without making sure they have the proper resources to run it...especially after Loria and the Dodgers ownership fiasco.  The difference with the Astros is that this group  is inheriting what most describe as a financial (and organizational) mess.  My guess is, like the Astros, their plan is to lower payroll initially, spend on the draft/international free agents and then ramp up the MLB payroll when the organization is fixed.  Pouring more money into this current roster isn’t necessarily the best plan.


The biggest issue right now is that they haven’t said anything.  I’m sure that’s because they haven’t bought the team yet.


Maybe you are right and they are terrible, but I’m willing to at least give them the chance first.  I have a hard time believing someone like Jeter is going to get involved with something that would ruin his reputation.  



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A) No-names are one thing. Franchise legends are another. I again ask, did Crane fire any similar people?


B) It is pretty obvious they have financial problems.


A) I have no idea who Crane fired when he took over.  I'm just saying that a new owner probably wouldn't keep the former owners "special assistants".  Would I prefer that Jeter keep Conine and McKeon in some capacity?  Sure.  But I do get not wanting to keep people with long ties to the last owner around. 


B) Just saying that you think they have financial problems doesn't make it so.  This group is apparently going to close a $1.2 billion dollar purchase, so I'm not sure I would classify them as having "financial problems".  I do think that the team's books are a mess though.  We've seen how Loria ran the baseball operations.  I doubt the business side is any better run.  


Again, maybe I am wrong, but I find it tough to believe that Manfred and MLB would approve a group without knowing that they have the resources to properly run it.  It would be really dumb for them to get themselves into another Loria situation and I don't think Manfred is a dumb person.  Time will tell, but I'm willing to hear this group out before deciding that they aren't fit to own the team.



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