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Joel Sherman: Marlins should sign several veterans to 1 year deals

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Sherman saying now's the time for the Marlins to go grab several veterans on one year deals. He says it'll give the veterans a chance to prove themselves, gives the Marlins stopgap players to not rush the prospects to the majors, will give the fanbase more of a major league product while not ruining their chances of picking high in the 2019 draft, will give the Marlins trade deadline bait to acquire a few more prospects for the rebuild, and will get the players union off Jeter's butt a bit as at least he'd be showing that he's spending at least some money on free agents. 


I think these are all things most of us already knew but the timing to do this is definitely now or very soon.


Here's the article...




Agree or disagree? And who should we go after? 



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Can't he still be serviceable in LF if needed? Not a great match but a source of power (and future trade bait) if he somehow falls into a one year deal even though this is unlikely.


If he takes a one year deal it'll be for a bunch of money, his only problem right now is the fact he wants multiple years at a high rate. He doesn't really make sense for the Marlins. They need guys who didn't perform last year and will come cheap.



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Probably just need a veteran platoon CF/RF and an innings eater right now. That'll help get to the end of July when they can turnover the team to the farm and see what happens. Right now...


C Realmuto

1B Bour

2B Castro

SS Rojas

3B Prado

LF Dietrich

CF R. Ortega*

RF _____________

B - Telis/Wallach, Riddle, G. Cooper, Van Slyke/camp bat


SP - Straily, Urena, _______, Conley, C. Smith/Nicolino/Despaigne

RP - Barraclough, Ziegler, Tazawa, Steckenrider, J. Garcia, Wittgren, C. Smith/Nicolino, E. Hernandez


(*Feel free to read up on Ortega, who I suspect will get a real shot: http://www.fangraphs.com/statss.aspx?playerid=10323&position=OFhttps://www.fangraphs.com/blogs/projecting-the-minor-league-free-agent-hitters-2/)


By mid-May you're very likely adding Brinson, Alcantara, Anderson, and D. Peters to the roster once their service time rolls over (so the Marlins have control through 2024 instead of 2023), so that adds some real impact. By early-June, the super 2 deadline has passed and guys like Gallen, Brigham, and T. Richards can come up to help the pen if needed, and maybe Sierra and B. Lee for the outfield.


We'll see who else they trade, but even if they shed Straily, Ziegler, and Tazawa, I don't think they need to sign anything more than that 1 veteran starter as they have arms coming fast. They can deal with a skeptical 4/5th SP for a few weeks. Positionally, they could need another catcher or infielder if Realmuto or Castro/Prado is traded, but that'll be cheap. I think they are relatively set in the outfield no matter what once they get that veteran guy to help out.


They got to trade some guys to clear out money to get new ones though. And then the fight to 63 begins.



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They should try and sign veterans looking for one year deals who will take a cheap contract with hopes of having a good year. We could trade them at the deadline for prospects if they succeed. If you read the article, it is explained.


I know it,but if they failed to perform well and couldn't trade for good prospects then it would be money wasted.



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