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Looking back at the unveiling of the first Marlins uniforms


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With all the recent talk of the Marlins expected upcoming rebrand I was curious how their inaugural uniforms were first received when they were unveiled in July of 1992 so I searched up some articles from the time and found these. Most of these weren't from sports writers as much as fashion writers which is kinda strange but here's some excerpts which mostly touched on the unique and bright teal color (which they called "Marlin Blue" saying it wasn't teal or aqua) and the return of vests which hadn't been worn in MLB since the early 70's...




The pinstripes and the vest are baseball classics: Baltimore was the last Major League team to wear vests (in `68), and pinstripes are worn by five of the 12 National League teams. 


``Marlin blue`` should just about do it. Not enough green to be teal and too flat to be aqua, the new blue should repel more than the sun`s rays. It`s not so bad in the home and road ensembles, because Marlin blue is reserved for the lettering and accent colors. I`m not saying it`s a bad blue. In fact, it may be a savvy choice. If you want to sell that merchandise, it needs to stand out from the rest of the baseball stuff. Marlin blue stands out. Waaaay out.


``We`re tremendously excited about the short sleeve,`` Barger says. ``We thought it looked marvelous and we`re enthusiastic. This (uniform) is a blend of tradition and (the region). It matches South Florida. As they say in the retail world, they`ll be a hot item.``


``Well, the black accents in the socks and the belt as well as the road cap will make people think the Marlins are authoritative and serious. The blue -- whatever shade of blue it is -- will impart a feeling of trustworthiness and dependability.``




For a while, orange was the color.


And while the vested look is just an alternative look for now -- Sundays only -- Barger says the team will gauge how the players and fans react to it and perhaps use it more. ``I wouldn`t be surprised if we wore it half the time, and it could possibly be our dominant look,`` he said.


But no team has worn ``vested`` jerseys since Jackson`s A`s switched to the doubleknits that swept baseball in the `70s like leisure suits did the rest of the country. No team, that is, until the Marlins, who have created a teal-colored blend of tradition and the 21st Century.


The Marlins` shade of blue isn`t a whole lot different from the Miami Dolphins` aquamarine. It`s closer to a teal, though the Marlins have given their own name-``Marlin Blue``-to owner Wayne Huizenga`s hue of choice. Whatever you call it, Marlins blue or teal will be the dominant color. 




Here are the full articles:











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