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Victor Victor officially declared free agent

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So we submitted a number and then got more money anyway?


It's possible but we don't know when this trade was actually consumated so it's also possible the Marlins got that money then submitted their offer then word of the trade got out afterwards. 



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I love the approach here. 


The Marlins already had the 2nd highest amount of money. They could have EASILY stayed at that amount and submitted their offers and just said that's it take it or leave it and called it a day. 


That's probably what Loria would have done and just shrugged it off and said "we tried."


If anyone doesn't see the positives here and doesn't appreciate this approach more than the Loria days then I don't know what else to say. 


Too bad morale is at an all time low though.



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Before the three trades, the Marlins had the second-most international bonus pool money available at $4.3 million. Only the Orioles, with $6.7 million, have had more. But Tuesday's trade is believed to have pushed the Marlins' figure to above the Orioles'.




Frisaro has Miami ahead.



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Who to believe?


I’m going with Joe. I thought I remember someone tweeting that the Orioles projected number was high and Miami had already passed them? I could be mistaken, or perhaps that tweet was incorrect as most seem to be sticking with 6.7 as the O’s number. That said, I doubt Frisaro posts the linked article without confirmation from Miami. 



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