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Realmuto traded to Phillies

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Don't worry.  He'll report it in a few weeks, after JT has been traded that there's rumors a deal is close.


This is completely the opposite of what has been reported over the past couple weeks that we're willing to absorb a bad contract to get better prospects.


Some will believe it though even though it only has been said up Joel's ass.



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Mish likely has good sources but part of his reason for expecting a trade today could simply be that report about Miami wanting to do the deal before FanFest which is this weekend.


That's been said for a few days and he said nothing... I don't think he changes his stance on this without more concrete details.



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Sounds like the Braves always had the best offer but wouldn't commit to it, other teams checked in while the Marlins looked for someone who would beat the Braves offer (and commit to it), and no one did until possibly the Phillies getting desperate at the last minute. Seems to be the story right now. If so, good job Marlins. Wait and see.



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