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Marlins officially sign Mesa brothers


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and the food


The other day one of them posted a pic on Instagram of their food from Pollo Tropical. It made me realize how the little things to us are big for them. A fast food restaurant where they can get good tasting Cuban food from a drive thru on the way home probably seems like the greatest invention ever to them. How many Pollo Tropicals do they have in Baltimore?



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Lol a lot of the Spanish speakers on the Twitter feed are saying the translator is horrible. I read that Victor Mesa Jr. said that he loves the fact that Miami has a lot of Cuban Women, but apprently, he is trying to keep it “PC” for the English Speaking Media. 


I think a lot of us figured the Cuban women were part of why they signed with the fish. Translator shouldn't change their words. It isn't like it is a bad thing to like Cuban women.



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