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Marvel's The Defenders

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1 hour ago, Uncle Leo said:

I'm fully aware of her issues and complications. Knowing this and trying to understand her were the only things making it enjoyable or watchable. Kind of like how Deadpool is a lunatic and doesn't stop cracking jokes. Some of my friends love the movies, I personally can't stand them. It's like a 2 hour long action family guy episode but worse. It's incredibly obnoxious and relentless. Same with Jessica and her hurt feelings and PTSD issues. I don't watch two seasons of super hero shows only to see them regress and be even bigger babies. I watch super hero shows because they're supposed to be cool or funny. If I wanted that kind of nonstop crap I'd watch Housewives or Damaged series with my mom.

Most of all it just wasn't done well. Because if you want to talk mental disorders, a great show with mutant/superhero theme is Legion. That show was great, the only thing that handicapped them was the fact that it was on FX. If that show had been on Netflix with a bigger budget, gore like in Punisher/Daredevil and some butt action from Aubrey Plaza. Would've been one of my all time faves. But whenever I see guards shooting machine guns for ten minutes and no one gets shot or one guy falls down, that stuff drives me crazy. At the end of the day Iron Fist and Jessica Jones just weren't done that well. Iron Fist more than anything, he was just a "little biiiittttchhhhh" - pickle rick.  

Hahahah at the Pickle Rick reference.

Truthfully, Jessica Jones could have been more enjoyable without really showing off what she can do powers wise- it should have been shown, and then just understood. It could have been more Law and Ordery with "Olivia Benson" going thru it type of thing.

The overly choreographed fight scenes make me cringe- in any Marvel TV Property.

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