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Bret Hart

Justice League

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I don't know what can I say.

1. It's too soon for DC united movie. 

2. If you're a Batman-favorite, DO NOT WATCH IT.

3. It's not a Zack Snyder's fault, Wanner Bros and DC screwed

4. Thor : Ragnarok was better than this, I can guarantee it.

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Fucking Zack Snyder did such a great job with Bruce Wayne / Batman in BvS, but for fuck sake... why does WB feel the need to constantly make movies to sell toys. Hot Toys and Sideshow collectibles have shown there is more money to be made in the Adult market than anything childrens toys can produce at Walmart and the recently departed Toys R US.

Between Funko, Hot Toys, Sideshow Collectibles and others.... the Adult Market is so strong if the movie resonates with fans.

Hell, they STILL sell $300 Dark Knight Rises figures with upgrades like a new head sculpt for Christian Bale.
The Batman: Black and White Statue series was so popular too.

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