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Star Wars: The Last Jedi

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On 12/22/2017 at 11:36 AM, LordMagnus said:

Loved it.  Masterful trolling all around.  It's like they made this movie to make the "hardcore" fans whine even more.

It's funny that you mention whining when the movie is about the original trilogy's hero becoming a whiney quitter which is completely uncharacteristic of that character. Between Poe's tantrum and Kylo Ren's destructive tantrum (his second of the trilogy), this movie was all about developing emotionally unstable and insecure characters.

It was just bad story telling: Subplots that didn't further the overall plot, instances deus ex machina, poor character development... Not to mention the plot of the movie was about running out of fuel while being pursued through hyperspace as if the original trilogy didn't set the precedent that this was already possible using one means or another. The biggest subplot's inciting incident was illegal parking. The movie did nothing to further the overall plot of this trilogy. By the end of act 2, we should know what to look forward to in act 3. This movie gave us nothing other than "Rey will have to go after Kylo Ren again." That part is a no-brainer.

There were numerous scenes that I liked and some of the effects were great, but the direction this trilogy is going is actually damaging to the story telling of the original trilogy. This is evident just by looking at the titles alone.

IV: A New Hope
V: The Empire Strikes Back
VI: Return of the Jedi
VII: The Force Awakens
VIII: The Last Jedi (We were kidding about ROTJ)
IX: REAL Return of the Jedi?

Yes, I am a HUGE Star Wars fan. Yes, I am disappointed—not just as a fan but as someone that gets writing.

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What are you talking about?  Luke was very whiny in the original movies along with some of the other characters.  Its actually very in character.  We just tend to think of those movies fondly and forget all that because nostalgia.  I rewatched those movies several times lately and was shocked at how much bad I overlooked before.  As far as Luke goes, they just didn't take the direction with the character you wanted them to, which is fine, but I didn't mind.  My opinion is that bad story telling is doing the same thing over again.  Don't worry, with JJ doing Eposide 9, I'm sure you'll get another "safe" movie that doesn't take risks.

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To be fair, this was written for a generation that is generally emotionally unstable and insecure. It would make sense that the characters mirror that.

I was actually expecting a transgender rebel or some bullshit about the environment. 

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