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Marlins add Bradley Woodrum to analytics team

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will this guy be analyzing Wolverine's adamantium ?

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Nothing big but since nobody knows who this guy is, here's a little excerpt I found about him on MLB Trade Rumors, a site he has contributed to before...


Woodrum [was] among the best sabermetric analysts operating in the public sphere, and we’ll sorely miss reading [his] work.

Back in 2015, Bradley Woodrum applied for a project we were launching on MLBTR: an attempt to create a model that predicts the chance of a pitcher having Tommy John surgery (updated last September).  I knew Brad from his stellar work at FanGraphs and The Hardball Times.  The Tommy John project was a daunting undertaking, and I was amazed by Brad’s analytical abilities, professionalism, and perseverance in getting the project to the finish line.  It took the better part of a year, but Brad delivered what I considered to be the best possible TJS prediction model, given the limitations of public data.  I’m proud to have hosted that work on MLBTR.  Armed with the superior data of a Major League club, I expect Brad to do great things.


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