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I think the "PRIME" cards actually span the best three to five years of their career, not just one. So this card may be his entire original Marlins tenure.

I think you're right but the card says he's 25 years old, that's 2003 if I'm not mistaken. Then again I guess they do have to pick a year for his age even if the attributes span multiple years.

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SIX new throwback uniforms added for the Marlins this year... the 2012 home white, road gray, and alternate black, and the 2003 home white, road gray, and alternate black... amazing. Really just missing the 97 vest with the black sleeves and we would be virtually complete with almost every Marlins regular season throwback. (In total they're only missing the 97 vests, 03-05 Sunday home alternate, the 12-18 orange alternates, and even though it was never for regular season use the 90s teal ST BP tops would be awesome to have too)

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It is like Loria-era DLC. All the uniforms from his years.

Lmao that's so true, he must have made a request.


Truthfully I was also thinking that with Juan Pierre is new this year and these are his Marlins uniforms so maybe adding him inspired these. Or, to be fair, the Marlins don't have that many uniforms, when looking to add new throwbacks the list of options are short so eventually you'd think they all get in.

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