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Is there an exciting player in this organization?

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3 hours ago, FutureGM said:

I don't really see much in the minors to get super excited about. It's possible that one of these guys will break out and be a star, but I'm not seeing where that's coming from. Braxton Garrett, when he is finally healthy, may be interesting.

The Brewers sold high on Monte Harrison after his only year doing anything at the plate, following several years of repeating Low A.

Meh I really hope so, but I see another Dillon Peters there. I know his offspeed is well-reviewed but this organization has NEVER been able to successfully groom lefties (e.g. Sean west, Chad James, Dillon Peters (jury is still out) and even Andrew miller found success almost immediately after leaving the team.) Jarlin is looking like the first one in a long time and his success doesn’t even really seem sustainable. short story long, hope you’re right but this team keeps me skeptical .

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